S-bottle: the most popular baby bottle of the Netherlands!

Difrax Smart S•bottle!

Besides the pacifiers, Difrax developed other innovative baby products. In the Netherlands Difrax is well-known for the S•bottle. We would like to take this moment to introduce the Smart S•bottle.

Although breastfeeding is best for your baby, it is your choice and bottle-feeding is a good alternative. This smart bottle can be used from birth and is ideal for combining breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. The unique S∙shape means that the teat is always full of milk and without air. Thanks to the valve in the base, your baby swallows less air and so has less trouble with burping, vomiting, colic and earache. The valve prevents a vacuum being created when baby sucks and ensures a constant flow of milk. Your baby can therefore feed undisturbed and then sleeps longer and more peacefully afterwards. As well as all these benefits for your baby, this bottle is also better for you. The S∙shaped design allows the feeding adult to sit in a relaxed, ergonomically sound position. There is less strain on the back and shoulders. Always hold the S∙bottle with the short side at the top when feeding your baby.

Advantages of the difrax S-bottle

Voordelen van de Difrax fopspeen


1- Non-spill measuring cap. Pour left over milk from the bottle into the cap and you can see exactly how much your baby has not drunk. Extra handy for keeping a check on how much newborns are drinking.

2- Specially developed teat with soft finish feels like the breast and helps baby to get a better grip when sucking.

3- Unique S-shape encourages baby to lie in the recommended, natural, curled position, which also increases eye ontact. The S-shape allows the feeding adult and the baby to sit in a relaxed, ergonomically sound position.

4- The valve prevents a vacuum being created when baby sucks,ensuring a constant flow of milk and less trouble with burping, vomiting and colic.

5- Unscrewable base: easy to clean and easy to fill with breast milk frozen into cubes.

Different S-Bottles


  • S∙bottle Natural 5.75 OZ (170 ml): The ´newborn´ bottle is especially suitable for newborn babies and can also be used later for juice and drinks in-between feeds.

  • S∙bottle Natural 8.45 OZ (250 ml): The standard bottle for the standard volume of feed.

  • S∙bottle Wide 200 ml and 310 ml: The Wide Neck bottle with wide neck teats is good for combining with breastfeeding. Soon available.